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Welcome once again to the AirBoostTM nasal strips website. Our story began decades ago. Having one restricted nasal passage meant it hard for me to fall asleep when lying on my left side. Gravity literally closed the nasal passage, so to allow air in, I had to open the passage with my finger pushing the cartilage outwards. Not an elegant solution.

Eventually I found very expensive nasal strips in the chemist. Yes, they worked, but there had to be a cheaper option. You know what it’s like once you put your mind to finding a solution or better alternative. Shortly thereafter we found Better Breath nasal strips.

nasal stripsAfter testing samples for myself, we decided to import the strips. The plan was to use some for myself and try to sell the rest on eBay Australia at a very fair price. Well, it didn’t take long at all to sell the stock, so we ordered more and over a fairly short period of time, sales snowballed.

At the end of 2017 and on the back of successful sales, we discussed the possibility of creating our own brand of nasal strips as we were paying royalties on the Better Breath name. We also discussed ways to improve on the quality and performance, yet aiming for a lower price.

So, at the beginning of 2018, we located a medically accredited manufacturer of nasal strips, presented our specific requirement and specification improvements and spent most of the year testing sample after sample until we arrived at the very best possible product we sell today – our high performance AirBoostTM nasal strips.

We continue to sell Better Breath nasal strips but this website is dedicated to our very own branded and trademarked high performance AirBoostTM nasal strips.

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