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Thank you for buying our high performance AirBoostTM nasal strips. Like any great product, it should be very easy to use. This applies to AirBoostTM nasal strips. However, there are a few simple but important steps, which need to be taken to maximise the efficacy of the strips, ensuring they stay adhered to your nose throughout the night.

During the day, our bodies sweat and produce oils, which settle on top of our skin. Therefore, it is vital you always wash your hands and then nose with water to clean off any residual sweat & oils before applying your AirBoostTM nasal strips. Also, many people use various moisturising skin creams, which may reduce the adhesive strength of the strip. Please refrain from using such creams on your nose unless it is medically necessary. If so, nasal strips should not be used during that time.

Of course, it is equally as important to thoroughly dry your nose prior to applying the strip. I find it best to gently rub dry the nose. This preparation gives the strip maximum adhering strength. (Failure to carry out this step will almost always result in the strip slipping off your nose at some time during the night).

When applying the strip to your nose, place it over the flexible cartilage and methodically massage it onto the nose to ensure the adhesive sticks to the entire surface area.

When using your AirBoostTM nasal strips for the first time, it may take a few attempts to get it right for you, so please be a little patient when trying various strip placements. However, we have made it as easy to use as possible.

Please remember that people sweat & produce oils at different rates, so the strips may not suit a very small percentage of people, due to excessive sweating & oil production. In such rare cases, please contact us to return the strips for a refund.

We at Clever Contraptions, pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. If you have any issues with your AirBoostTM nasal strips, please contact us as soon as possible, no matter how minor your issue may seem to you.

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