AirBoostTM Breathe Easy Nasal Strips

More and more Australians aren’t only not getting enough sleep, but also suffering from poor quality of sleep due to not breathing right. After more than 15 years of first-hand user experience coupled with thousands of better breath nasal strips sold on eBay, Clever Contraptions is proud to sell our very own branded AirBoost breathe easy nasal strips direct to you. These have been designed to help open up the nasal air passages by a minimum extra 30% and allow for an easier, more natural breathing action for better sleep overall. There’s no better time than now to experience the difference for yourself and breathe easy with industry-leading breathe easy nasal strips in Australia from AirBoost.

breathe easy nasal strips

Significant Features

Why are Air Boost nasal strips so effective in helping people enjoy a better sleep? It’s largely due to the perfectly tensioned, twin flexible spring-like parallel plastic bands, embedded in a non-toxic strip, coated on one side with a special adhesive that is both non-allergenic and non-irritating.

nasalt stripsYou’ll be able to breathe better with the right AirBoost  nasal strips as they come in 2 sizes – medium, measuring 55mm long and 16mm wide, and large, measuring 66mm long and 18mm wide. Both medium and large AirBoost  nasal strips are available in various quantities – from 10 strips for first time testers to larger packs for seasoned users who wish to buy a large supply of better breath nose strips.

Application and Removal

breathe easy nose strips

Putting on and taking off the AirBoost better breath strips couldn’t be easier. They typically work best on a nose that has been cleaned and is free of moisture including oils, sweat and dirt. This allows the special adhesive on the strip to bond better with the nose, enabling the nose strip to remain in place throughout the night while allowing the user to breathe right, sleep well and live well.

When correctly applied to the outside of the nose, the strip tries to straighten itself, and in doing so, gently lifts the flexible nose cartilage, instantly permitting a constant influx of air through the nasal passages.

To remove AirBoost breathe easy nose strips from your nose, all you need to do is use your thumbs and fingers to gently take both the ends of the strip and peel it up and away from your nose. Your used strip will easily lift off your nose without causing any irritation. Place any used breathe right nasal strips in the rubbish bin.

Breathe Easy with AirBoost Nasal Strips

Breathe Right and Breathe Easy with AirBoost Nasal Strips

Make bad sleeping patterns and sleep deprivation a thing of the past so you can breathe right and breathe easy in no time with AirBoostnasal strips. In addition to mild sleep apnoea related breathing issues, AirBoost breath right nose strips can also aid in the relief of nasal congestion caused by colds, allergies, rhinitis and restricted nasal passages. They are non-medical and drug free, with our experienced manufacturers ISO 13485 medically certified and ISO 9001 & CE approved.

Clever Contraptions offers free postage for every AirBoost nasal strips pack sold Australia wide. We also make it easy to buy breathe right nasal strips online.

Breathe easy with AirBoost breathe right nose strips and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

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