200 Medium AirBoost Nasal Strips

200 Medium AirBoost Nasal Strips


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AirBoost™ nasal strips are manufactured to the very highest standards and detailed specifications. When applied correctly to a clean & dry nose, AirBoost™ nasal strips offer a minimum 30% increase in nasal passage airflow – instantly.



1 review for 200 Medium AirBoost Nasal Strips

  1. Krys

    I’m a permanent convert to Airboost. The price is excellent, I can afford these without feeling guilty for needing help to breathe at night. I have found these strips more comfortable than the shop brand, in that they irritate my nose less (I can usually just rub an itch and it goes away, but the itchiness is less likely the drier and cleaner my nose is, as usually it indicates the strip is unsticking partially). I also LOVE that these don’t leave a sticky residue on my face like the name brand does, so I can wear make up the next day without harshly scrubbing my nose to clean it first.
    So happy I found these!

    • ab@admin

      Thank you very much for buying our high performance AirBoost nasal strips. Also, thank you very much for your taking the time to write such a nice feedback comment. We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure we offer the best possible product at the best possible price. As various technologies (and there are a number of them we use) advance, we ensure that they are incorporated into our product. Enjoy a great night’s sleep every night. Sleep Well, Live Well.

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